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Baron Turkeys specialise in supplying turkey growers to be reared on for Christmas. At other times our specialist skills and equipment are used to rear stag poults for the turkey industry on contract.

We deliver poults throughout the UK in our own vans mainly at 5-6 weeks of age but our proximity to the motorway network in North Cheshire makes us readily accesible for collection of poults.

Our price list summarises the poults we hope to supply this season. All of the poults are reared in purpose built insulated sheds in large numbers and whilst they might be 'off heat', depending on where they are to be housed, we recommend that you provide some heat for a while to acclimatise birds to their new surroundings. We can supply older birds by arrangement.

2017 season poults reared for Christmas .

Welcome to another season of rearing turkeys for Christmas. We hope the last one went well for you. As we do not finish birds ourselves, we need you to report back how they performed so that we can continue to improve and provide the right poults for your customers needs.

The breeds and dates on offer are broadly the same as last year with a few minor changes to the numbers we will have available. In order to make sure you get the ones you want we advise you to book early as some popular dates and weights sell out quickly.

Our most popular hen turkey by far is the Euro 1 from Europoult hatcheries. This turkey has proven easy to rear and consistently gives a good conformation and finish for small to medium weights. Consequently we can supply it on all 4 dates and be confident that it will perform well in each case.

For smaller slower maturing hens we supply the ASW from Hockenhull turkeys. These are more expensive and trickier to rear with a less consistent weight range but can be relied on to produce 4 Kg or less dressed weight.

Larger birds of 9kg plus can be achieved with the Wirral Supreme and Large Breed (Converter) hens. As some customers were disappointed with the weights of large turkeys last year, we have gone back to supplying them on 3 out of 4 dates.

We will offer coloured (Bronze/Black) poults on the first 3 dates though "small breed" only on the first date. These are a coloured cross and vary between Bronze and Black but give a bird with good conformation and finish.

We have raised the price this year in line with our increased costs , mainly the price of day old poults supplied to us but also all the other variable costs which have shown an increase.

We are always happy to discuss any aspect of your order and endeavour to provide a personal competitive service whilst maintaining our reputation for quality growers.


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