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Price list

The table below summarises the poults we hope to supply this season.

Prices include delivery by road in our own vans for orders over 100 poults where practicable. For smaller orders we will endeavour to deliver to an area with several orders but may need to arrange a meeting point for collection.

We are within five minutes of the main north-south and east-west motorway networks and can offer discount for collection in your own crates.

The weight ranges shown are the breeders figures based on average live weights to be expected by 12th December given recommended feed and good management.

Depending on the accommodation you have available, some heat for acclimatisation may be advisable.




Ready for delivery 5/6 weeks old from;

Approx live wt range ( +/- 2 lbs/ 1kg ) Breed / Size Price per poult (£)
August 7th 19.0 / 8.7 Medium Breed £7.25
August 7th 14.2 / 6.0 Small Breed £8.25
August 7th 16.0 / 7.2 Small Bronze £8.00
August 14th 28.0 / 12.4 Large Breed £7.25
August 14th 22.0 / 9.9 Wirral Supreme £8.25
August 14th 18.5 / 8.4 Medium breed £7.25
August 14th 18.6 / 8.5 Bronze £8.00
August 28th 27.5 / 12.0 Large Breed £7.25
August 28th 20.5 / 9.3 Wirral Supreme £8.25
August 28th 16.0 / 7.2 Medium Breed £7.25
August 28th 14.0 / 6.2 Small Breed £8.25
August 28th 18.0/ 8.2 Bronze £8.00
September 11th 25.0 / 11.5 Large Breed £7.25
September 11th 15.0 / 6.3 Medium Breed £7.25


PLEASE NOTE deliveries will be within a two week period from the ready date on the table at our discretion. Prices will increase after this time at 75p per poult per week.

For orders of 500 poults or more, discounts are available.

We can supply stag poults by request where larger weights are required. Please enquire early.

May we remind customers that our terms are strictly cash on delivery or collection of poults.

We will send a confirmation of order/invoice and notify you of delivery date as soon as possible.

TO ORDER : telephone 01928 716416 fax 01928 791325 email:


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