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Baron Turkeys specialise in supplying turkey growers to be reared on for Christmas. At other times our specialist skills and equipment are used to rear stag poults for the turkey industry on contract.

We deliver poults throughout the UK in our own vans mainly at 5-6 weeks of age but our proximity to the motorway network in North Cheshire makes us readily accesible for collection of poults.

Our price list summarises the poults we hope to supply this season. All of the poults are reared in purpose built insulated sheds in large numbers and whilst they might be 'off heat', depending on where they are to be housed, we recommend that you provide some heat for a while to acclimatise birds to their new surroundings. We can supply older birds by arrangement.

2018 season poults reared for Christmas .

Here we are again thinking about Christmas when Spring is rapidly turning to Summer and nobody wants to remember the cold and dark, However , if you want to ensure you have a choice of weights for your finished birds , now is the time to order. As in previous years we aim to provide a spread of poults,from small breed females through to large males both white and coloured breeds. Typically these should give dressed weights in the range 4kg (10lbs) to 9Kg plus for females , larger for males. We rely on breeders figures and recommendations but we are not a hatchery and therefore can only supply those poults we have ordered from hatcheries in good faith. .

We have increased prices this year in line with rising costs of poults and rearing. Delivery is becoming more of a problem with traffic delays on many routes but we will continue to offer this service for larger orders and where we can amalgamate smaller orders to a central delivery point, we will try to organise this whenever possible.

We are always happy to discuss any aspect of your order and endeavour to provide a personal competitive service whilst maintaining our reputation for quality growers.


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